Why Onvelo?

ONVELO – a bike shop with a few differences.

Firstly, we take fabulous pre-used steel frames (often handmade) and transform them through a painstaking process into beautiful ‘as new’ bikes with brand new modern running gear, wheels and finishing kit.  We only use frames which have been checked for condition and alignment – the frame is then bead-blasted and powder-coated to obtain an ‘as new’ finish, before being built up with all new running gear.  These are available from stock (there are always some demo and finished bikes) or built to order (we find you a frame to fit and build to your spec).

Our stock bikes are built using our ‘in-house’ colours of light blue, dark blue or orange, with contrasting groupsets.  They ride as per a new bike and also look fantastic (in our humble opinion).  Stock bikes with Shimano 10 speed are from £750, Campagnolo 10 speed from £850.

In other words,  a subtle yet distinctive ‘as new’ steel bike with all brand new moving parts,  for the price of a humdrum, mid range, mass-produced aluminium bike.

An old/new bike (French – vélo) : ONVELO

Secondly, we have a specialism in older, unusual and classic bicycles, nearly always with a frame made from steel.  Sometimes these are available as complete original or restored bikes, at prices varying from around £100 to £1000 depending on make, condition and specification.

Thirdly, a love of Italian and French bikes as well as British classics.  Italian and (especially) French bikes present a challenge as many were built before specifications were standardised, hence they have components which are not always compatible with other bicycles.  This makes them ‘interesting’ to work with, but they often have great style and ride very nicely.

So as well as making our ‘Onvelo’ old/new bikes, we also sell classic bikes and parts – we have many happy customers and we’re told that we offer great value for money.

Our name represents our passion – an amalgamation of English and Continental cycling.  The ‘ON’ could also be taken for ‘Old/New’, which is one of our main activities – taking older frames and making them into new bikes.  In either case, our main focus is on classic bicycles for people seeking something more stylish and interesting than the norm.  An older or refurbished bike can also provide amazingly good value for money.

Ten reasons for buying a classic or re-furbished bike:

  • Slim steel tubes give a lean slender look which is hard to create with aluminium or carbon frames.
  • Older bikes give you a distinctive presence on the road and set you apart from modern mass produced machines.
  • Classic bikes often have a characteristic feel, especially those made from compliant steel.
  • Older components, even those of the very highest quality, can often be bought more cheaply than their latest generation counterparts.
  • All bikes become obsolete eventually – riding an older bike embraces older technology.
  • The industry is expert at implying that you have to have the latest generation – by riding older kit you shun the industry ethos.
  • Older bikes of high quality in good condition are barely any slower or less capable than new bikes.
  • You may be as fast on an older bike as many on a new one, plus you have an excuse if you are not!
  • If you buy wisely you will get excellent resale value and may even make a profit.
  • Keeping an old bike going instead of buying new is a form of re-cycling and thus may be considered to be socially responsible.
What's he on about Laurent?
What’s he on about Laurent?