A distinctive classic bicycle shop, we place the emphasis on style and comfort over outright speed.

We offer 3 main product lines:

1 – Wonderful, stylish classic bikes which have been lovingly serviced and cleaned, so you can have the confidence that your beautiful classic bike rides as well as a (boring mass-produced) new bike. Critical items such as wheels, chain, tyres and cables all checked and replaced if necessary.  We’ve sold many bikes like the beautiful Motobecane below (click photo to enlarge):

2 – Retromod bicycles – the best of old and new.  We take fine older steel frames, ensure that they are in perfect condition and then refinish them to look as good as new.  We then fit them with either a modern 10 speed groupset/wheels, marketed as an ‘Onvelo’ bike like the one below:

(2016 Onvelo P2)
Or in some cases we rebuild them with classic components like the gorgeous Gitane seen here:
(1978 Gitane)

These ‘new-old’ bikes are available from stock or to order.

3 – We have a stock of components which are useful to riders of older and classic bikes.  This includes second hand spares such as wheels, handlebars/stems, derailleurs etc and also new headsets, bottom brackets, stems, stem adapters, headsets and tubular tyres to keep classic bikes in tip-tip condition.